Wordpress Theme and plugin development

Wordpress development and maintenance

I've been working with WordPress for four years. My focus is on making websites that are easy to use and look good. I enjoy turning ideas into websites that work well and meet your needs.

Wordpress Theme and plugin development

What I Do

Custom WordPress Themes

I create themes that fit your style and goals.

Tweaking Themes and Plugins

I adjust existing themes and add plugins to make your site do what you need.

Making Sites Work on Phones and Computers

I ensure your site looks good on all devices.

Speeding Up Your Site

I work on making your site fast and smooth.

Keeping Your Site Safe and Updated

I take care of updates and security to keep your site running well.

My Goal

I want to make sure you're happy with your WordPress site. It should do what you need and be easy for you to use.

Why Work with Me?

  • Experience: I've been doing this for a while and have worked on lots of different projects.
  • Straightforward Approach: I listen to what you need and make it happen, no fuss.
  • Up-to-Date Skills: I keep up with what's new in WordPress to make sure your site is modern and secure.


  • Next.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • Theme development
  • Plugin development
  • Setup and support